Policies and specifications have been prepared by Southlake Utilities, Inc. (SLU) to establish an effective Cross-Connection Control Program for the water service area in accordance with directives issued at the Federal and State level. Responsibilities for the control of cross-connections are shared by the consumer, Southlake Utilities Inc, and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. This manual of policies and specifications serves as a guide to insure that the safety of the potable water system is maintained.

Southlake Utilities, Inc.:

1. Urges the review of this manual of policies and specifications before designing or installing a backflow prevention device.

2 Believes the material in this manual will provide the consumer with the understanding of cross-connection and backflow prevention devices.

3. Will ensure that the policies, standards and specifications as set forth in this manual will be uniformly enforced.

4. Reserves the right to update this manual as necessary due to changes in Florida Department of Environmental Protection policies and regulations and/or American Water Works Association standards.

5. Customer understands and agrees to the responsibility of installing an approved backflow prevention device on each water service line where water is provided, and providing an annual test result on the backflow prevention devices to SLU. Upon final notification to Customer of non-compliance of required installation and/or testing of backflow prevention device(s), Company shall have the right to disconnect service and charge a fee for reconnecting.

Download the Cross Contamination Control Program